Erosion Control

Just like a doctor seeks to “do no harm,” we understand you want to leave your job site in pristine condition. AAA Construction Fencing offers a number of erosion control measures that will help you do just that. Our products will help you prevent sediment and other contaminants from sneaking into the local groundwater and stormwater systems. Check out our offerings below, or contact us if you have something specific in mind.

Silt Fencing

A silt fence is constructed of synthetic woven material that is staked and anchored into the ground around a job site. It is semi-permeable, allowing water to pass but not soil, silt, or sediment. Learn more by clicking here.

Drop Inlet Protection

Where curb inlet protectors cover the drain, drop protectors act like a sieve, sitting inside the drain and catching the sediment that enters. It is water-permeable and great at capturing debris and sediment.

Curb Inlet Protection

Curb inlet protection prevents sediment from entering storm drains by plugging the system at the inlet. This synthetic fabric lays on top of the drain and will allow water to pass through while removing contaminants in the process.

Filter Sock

These long tubes are filled with wood chips, compost, or other cheap bio-material. This filters any runoff water that passes through, helping keep the water clean and the dirt and fertilizer where it needs to stay. Installation is easy, with stakes being placed every 4-6 feet.

Hay Bales

Hay bales are a classic staple, a biological filter and drainage control system that has been used for generations. They are generally foolproof and hard to mess up.

Grass Seed & Hay

AAA Construction Fencing uses fast-growing, deep-root grass seed to help re-establish local vegetation that will hold topsoil and sediment in place with little need for management. Hay is commonly used as an anchor and a fertilizer.

Turbidity Barriers

If your construction or demolition borders on water, you will likely need turbidity barriers to protect the aquatic ecosystem. These synthetic screens minimize turbulence and disruption to the local waters.

Geo Textile Fabrics

The 6 oz. nonwoven geotextile filter is a medium weight fabric used for a range of erosion control, drainage, and filtration applications. Built with a needle-punched design, these fabrics offer the perfect blend of strength, filtration, and drainage.


Sand bags can be used in small numbers, to help anchor other erosion control products like curb inlet protection, or they can be stacked and used as a quick-to-assemble barrier for water control.

Track Out

This grating lays on top of the dirt, allowing vehicles to pass through without picking up and "tracking out" soil in their tires or treads. The little things can add up to a lot of erosion over time.

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is made of large, roughly basketball-sized chunks of scrap concrete and is used largely to protect shorelines from wave erosion.

Soil Tracking

Soil tracking is used with #4 or #34 rock, which is baseball-size stone that is placed before a road for the dump trucks to drive over. Similar purpose to Track Out grating

No matter your erosion control needs, AAA Construction Fencing has you covered. Give us a call or shoot us an email to get a free quote and get your project rolling!

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