Perfect Location, Imperfect House? Demolition Ahoy!

You should have seen the location of this house. The house in question sat in South Tampa, just far enough from Dale Mabry to be insulated from the hustle and the traffic while also being just close enough to enjoy the unique shops and restaurants within a short walking distance. For a certain kind of […]

Popped-Loose Pool Demolition

A word to the wise: never drain your own pool. It will float free of the earth that holds it, and then you’ll have to call a pool demolition contractor like us.

Demolishing the Hutchinson Car Wash

excavator demolishes car wash

No two buildings are the same. You find that out real quick once you start knocking them over. And this car wash demolition? Oh boy, it was a unique one.

Pool Demolition (but NOT Removal!)

residential pool removal demolition

Bright and early on a crisp Monday morning, our demolition crew arrived at the house to demolish and fill in this poor pool. Let the destruction begin!

Crushing a Craftsman’s Greenhouse

excavator demolishes greenhouse

It’s rare these days to see a structure built by hand, by a non-professional with a passion and a decent grasp of construction. We just made it rarer.

We Demolished a 7-Eleven (Oh Thank Heaven)

excavator demolishes convenience store

People don’t tend to leave old couches or rancid food inside of a 7-Eleven, but the structures and demands of the building tend to be more complex and more durable.