Popped-Loose Pool Demolition

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St. Petersburg

Let’s start with a word to the wise: never drain your own pool. It doesn’t matter if it’s for resurfacing, cleaning, updating, or urgent maintenance – you must resist the urge to drain all the water out of your pool. You see, your pool does not exist in a vacuum. It is being pressured on all sides by the dirt that it has displaced. Normally, the weight of the water in the pool hold it down and keeps it in place. But if you drain the thing, then the overwhelming tendency of the dirt is to push the pool away and settle down we’re at once was. Your pool will “float“ in the earth the same way that cargo ships float in the ocean. And then you’ll need to call a residential demolition contractor to come remove it.

Unfortunate Pools Require Pool Removal

Our client on this particular pool demolition may just such a mistake. It had been years since his pool had been properly and thoroughly cleaned; and so, ambitious and handy homeowner that he is, he decided to try to clean it himself. He drained the pool of all its water, stepped away for a moment, and returned to find his beloved pool visibly and audibly separating itself from the surrounding yard. There was nothing left to be done. He called AAA service company and asked for a pool demolition.

Start With The Fence

When we arrived to execute the pool removal, we discovered that the path to the back of his house was mirror inches too narrow for our heavy machinery to access. With permission from his next-door neighbor, we carefully lifted the chain-link fence that separated their properties out of the ground and set it aside. Access now secured, our excavator and skid steer could enter the back property.

How To Break A Pool

Our excavator operator wasted no time attacking the concrete pool. With his excavator bucket, he reached under the concrete slab and pulled it up section by section. As he liberated each section of the concrete deck, he broke it into manageable chunks and push those chunks into the pool to build himself a ramp. The ramp allowed him to roll the excavator deeper and deeper into the pool, which allowed him to grab more and more concrete.

Eventually, he switched from his claw buckets to a pneumatic hammer, which allowed him to puncture and shatter the concrete with ease. While the claw is excellent at manipulating the concrete deck and pool fragments, it is the hammer that allows him to powerfully and efficiently demolish residential pools. It is especially relevant on concrete pools, which are often reinforced with rebar. The pneumatic hammer attachment that he uses with his CAT 308 excavator is the perfect tool to separate concrete from metal.

Fill Dirt to the Rescue

As the excavator operator crushed the concrete, a second crewmember in a skid steer cycled from the front of the house to the back. He used his CAT 249 to scoop large buckets of concrete from the demolished pool into a waiting dump truck. Soon, he had cleared enough concrete to be able to begin loading fresh fill dirt into the hole where the pool previously resided. Load after load, dump truck after dump truck, the skid steer and excavator operators filled in and compacted the yard until the dirt could be graded level with the surrounding areas.

After that, it was all finishing touches. The pool demolition crew pulled their machines back away from the yard, and placed the chain-link fence back in its resting position. They laid it down grass seed and concluded the job by placing silt fence around the area to prevent unwanted premature erosion. At last, the pool demolition job was complete.

Do You Need a Pool Demolished?

Not every pool removal or pool demolition is brought on by such unexpected circumstances as this, but they are all as smooth and as professional. If you or someone you know require pool demolition or pool removal services, we hope that you will not hesitate to recommend us. Please, Reach out and give us a call or an email. We will send a professional estimator to your site to review your residential demolition needs. By sending one of our trusted estimators to view your project in person, we can ensure that we give you a fair, honest, and accurate quotes the very first time. So what are you waiting for? Let’s demolish something together

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