Silt Fencing

Silt fencing is a trusted, affordable, reliable way to contain sediment and erosion on any job site. This synthetic fabric is semi-permeable, allowing water to pass through while filtering soil and debris out. In conjunction with other erosion control measures, silt fencing limits runoff, groundwater contamination, and erosion.

Construction and demolition often removes grass, trees, and other foliage that would normally prevent erosion. In addition, the work can loosen and free the topsoil. Silt fencing, as well as other erosion control measures, serve as a temporary substitute for these more permanent measures.

Our silt fencing is staked down every 8-10 feet and partially buried to anchor the fabric. Our experienced professionals are ready to install it on your site today. AAA Construction Fencing provides materials and labor to furnish silt fencing for $2.50 per linear foot installed. Contact us for a full estimate today!

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