Tree Protection Fencing

Tree protection is vital on any site where you intend for the local tree cover to continue undisturbed. A tree that is damaged during construction or demolition may never recover, so it is important to be proactive about protecting them. In addition, most cities have what is called a “Tree Protection Ordinance” laying out the conditions under which trees can and cannot be taken down. Local regulations vary, but if you have trees on your job site that need to stay standing, your first line of defense will be a tree protection fence.


What Is a Tree Protection Fence?

A tree protection fence is usually a bright orange, lightweight plastic barrier that draws a clear boundary around areas that should not be disturbed. You can think of it like a safety vest for a tree. It screams “hey, watch out for me!” to all workers and machine operators on the site.

How Do I Place a Tree Protection Fence?

This fence is held up by wooden posts spaced 6-8 feet apart, generally set up in a big rectangular box around the protected area. The spacing requirements between the tree and the fence will vary based on local ordinances, so make sure to check with your city or municipality.

Our experienced professionals are ready to install it on your site today. AAA Construction Fencing provides materials and labor to furnish tree protection fencing for $10 per linear foot installed. Contact us for a full estimate today!

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