otters in need of saving
How and Why AAA Needs to Save The Otters

Early this year, AAA Service Company stumbled into a land deal that surprised even us. We never had intentions to become land developers, but sometimes, when a strange opportunity presents itself, all you can do is grab the bull by the horns and give it your best shot. The story below is 100% true. No otters were harmed in the making of this production.

Keene Rd Otter Community development silt fence site work
A clear lot means unlimited opportunity. What could go wrong?

Earlier this year, we came into possession of a series of land parcels directly across the street from our good friends and colleagues at Sarnago and Sons. At first, we had no idea what to do with them. As we tossed ideas back and forth, though, the property became more and more overgrown. The time quickly came where we had to commit either to the maintenance of the property or a development plan. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in our case it turned out to be true. With our backs to the wall, it finally became obvious: we would build houses.

The Unexpected Otters

This brings us to the otters. I know, I know – what otters? There weren’t any otters in this story! Well, we didn’t know there were any otters in the lake, either. When we first began to clear the land for our housing development, a few of the neighbors asked us to watch out for the beloved otter family who had made a home there. In the overgrowth that we had treated as a nuisance, they found sanctuary. And in our haste, we had unknowingly pushed them to move into a smaller home next door. The otters haven’t left, but they have been inconvenienced and upset. And they have a right to be upset – it’s not like anyone told them we were coming.

Keene Rd Otter Community development silt fence site work
The place where the otters once lived

What We’re Doing About It

If otters could speak, we would apologize to them directly. But they cannot, so all we can do is try to make this right. They have charmed us all, and so it seems only fitting that we name the development in their honor. And so, residents of Clearwater, keep your eyes out for Otter Crossing, a housing development by AAA Service Company, hopefully coming in 2021. You can expect quality Key West-style homes, caring and involved neighbors, a view of a magnificent lake, and, of course, a state-of-the-art otter sanctuary.

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