house demolition with an excavator

People form memories in homes. We grow attached to its quirks. There’s that chip in the tile from when your kid dropped a hammer and nearly broke his sister’s foot. There’s the silly door handle that doesn’t quite turn right and only you know the secret to open it smoothly every time. Whether you rent or own, it’s YOUR house. It’s your home. That’s what makes house demolition so hard.

But maybe you’ve outgrown it. You like the location but your family keeps growing. Maybe it’s an older home that is showing its age and is severely lacking in modern amenities. Maybe there was a fire or a storm or an accident. Or maybe your tastes have changed.

If any of those sound like you, then maybe house demolition is the right option. It’s a big decision to make, but if you’ve made the decision to go forward with a full demolition, let’s talk about what you need to know, what you can expect from us, and what decisions you’ll need to make.

1 – Call A Demolition Contractor (Like Us!)

The first step is to reach out to us. AAA Service Company is a fully licensed and insured demolition company, ready and willing to walk this process with you, every step of the way. By choosing to work with us on your house demolition from the beginning, you gain access to our knowledge, experience, and relationships with trusted local contractors. We can recommend and connect you with other important people you will need on your house demolition journey, such as when you need to…

2 – Call an Inspector

an inspector, preparing for house demolition

Before demolition can begin, you need to know what you are dealing with. If there is asbestos in your ceiling, that requires a different set of skills, tools, and permits than if the builders used fiberglass. If there is mold, or if the foundation is shaky, that’s all important information to know as we move forward in the process. The more we know, the more accidents and mishaps we can prevent. Knowledge is power, and that knowledge will help you as you begin to…

3 – Obtain Permits


Permits are one of the most important parts of preparing for the demolition. This is the primary way that we communicate with the city, letting them know what will be happening, and when. Depending on your location and situation, there will likely be fees associated with obtaining the permits you will need. If the inspector found asbestos, that will require a different set of permits.. We will discuss this in our initial calls with you, but in general we include this all in our final price estimate to keep things simple. Once you have those, then you can…

4 – Disconnect Services

This voltmeter needs to be read "zero"

Your house does not exist in isolation. It is connected to city electricity, gas lines, water lines, and the sewer systems. Before the demolition can begin, it needs to be separated from all of those systems that once sustained it. We don’t want to knock over a sink and find out it is still receiving water. Or worse, puncture an active gas line and create a deadly fireball while our workers are in there. You will want to call well in advance and set up a disconnection date that is after you intend to leave the property, but still before we will arrive to demolish. Once you have that squared away, you will probably want to…

5 – Talk To Your Neighbors

house demolition surprise
Please don’t surprise them with one of these

This one is just common courtesy. Your neighbors will appreciate the heads-up, because demolition isn’t exactly a quiet process. We do our best to stay out of the way, but our trucks will have to come up and down the street to deliver equipment, and our machines might have to pull in and out of the road to do their work. The point is, there will inevitably be disruptions and minor inconveniences through the process. That’s not a surprise most people would like to wake up to. Treat them with respect, and they might even help you to…

6 – Salvage Fixtures And Appliances

Habitat for Humanity

Assuming there is no mold or rot or other damage, your sinks, cabinets, doors, lights, and other fixtures and features are still entirely usable and valuable in the right hands. If you intend to reuse some or all of these elements, then you need to start planning for it now. Once again, one advantage of partnering with AAA Service Company is our network of trustworthy professional contractors who can help you disassemble and remove these items. Alternatively, you can also donate what you aren’t keeping to the Habitat for Humanity, who will send crews out free of charge. They turn around and re-sell these cabinets, sinks, and other fixtures at their Re-Stores to support their mission to build affordable housing.  With all of that evacuated from the house, you are finally ready to…

#7 – Tear It All Down

house demolition with excavator in the evening

You probably thought this was going to be step two or three, but we have finally arrived at the actual house demolition. The details will be different for every house, but broadly speaking, our machines and our crew will show up and your house on the agreed-upon date and get right to work. One section of the house at a time, the ceiling is pulled down and the walls tipped inwards. The goal is always to keep the debris inside the footprint of the house that once was. When we are all done, all that will be left is a pile of concrete, wood, and metal. Once we have that, we can begin to…

8 – Clean Up The Debris

house demolition clean job site

Our trucks and roll-off dumpsters arrive at the scene, ready to evacuate all of the mess that was created in the demolition process. We aim to clean the area so well that you would never know a house had once existed there at all. What you will be left with is a clear, bare patch of earth, the perfect canvas for you to decide…

9 – What Comes Next?

The last step is up to you. If you have made it to the end of this process, congratulations. You are ready to take on whatever comes next. You have the power now to decide what you want to see in the world. Are you building bigger and better? Are you ready for a clean start somewhere else? No matter your plans for the future, our sincere hope is that AAA Service Company has made it a little easier for you to put the past behind you.

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