fire department fights fire at oldsmar home
Closure: The Case For Demolition After A House Fire

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A few months back, a very large home in Oldsmar, Florida, on the northern side of Pasco county burned just about to the ground. In 3 hours, the house fire caused almost $1 million in damages. Thankfully, everybody escaped the blaze unharmed. But the wreckage was quite impressive. Before they can even dream of rebuilding, the shell of the old house has to go.

“Before” picture, courtesy of Google Maps
fire department fights fire at oldsmar home
“During” picture, courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times
“After,” when we arrived

Cleaning Up After a House Fire

Given the sheer amount of structural damage inflicted by the fire, the owners decided to scrap the whole thing and rebuild again from the ground up. And so enters AAA Service Company. Today, all you see when you drive past is an empty lot, a clean and smooth gap in the neighborhood where a house once stood. And where a house will soon stand again. This photo is of our very last roll-off trailer being loaded up to leave the job site.

In construction, as in life, you can’t fully move on and rebuild until you take care of your past. You have to lay the remains of what used to be to rest (usually with the help of a professional). With the remains of this house fire finally cleared, the family can turn and face what comes next with hope.

AAA Service Company handles lots of bigger commercial jobs, to be sure. But we are pay a lot of attention to the needs of the residential community as well. If you ever need a hand remodeling or demolishing your home, you know where to find us. Just click over to the contact page and tell us what you need. In the meantime, check out a full gallery of our demolition pictures!

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