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UCF Greenhouse demolition

The Debut of the Greenhouse

In 2016, A new UCF Greenhouse made its big-time debut.

“The Arboretum greenhouse will be a hub for demonstrating and sharing our knowledge about propagation and public horticulture, as well as a space to support teaching and research activities. We are thrilled to have this important addition to our campus facilities.”

Patrick Bohlen

The University of Central Florida has worked diligently over the past decade to establish itself as a hub of agricultural research. Not many institutions earn the nickname “Farming’s Knight in Shining Armor”. But their Materials Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture is no joke. Headed by Dr. Swadeshn Santra, the UCF Agricultural Center is thriving and breaking new ground year after year.

The new 1000 square-foot facility allowed you to carefully control temperature and humidity with great precision. This allowed students, faculty, and researchers to create and maintain ideal environments for whatever plants they choose to study. The UCF Greenhouse also acted as a distribution center and nursery for plant life all over campus. It was a glorious and served its purpose well. But in just three short years, the University had already outgrown it. And so AAA Service Company came to demolish the UCF Greenhouse.

How It Went Down

First, we should say that no plants were harmed in the demolition of this greenhouse. All research subjects and major equipment fled the greenhouse ahead of our arrival. From there, the process was fairly straightforward. Our excellent excavator operator (say that five times fast) crushed the roof in, then pulled the walls down to create a heap of twisted glass and metal. He loaded that mess into one of our large dump trailers, which took it all away to a scrap yard.

But if you thought that was the end, you forgot one crucial item: the foundation. While the dump driver took away the glass and metal scraps, our excellent excavator operator set to work pulling up and breaking up the foundation. This concrete, in turn, was loaded on to the dump trailer for one final delivery. This scrap concrete was returned to our own recycling yard, where we process broken concrete and other common leftovers into gravel, fill dirt, and all sorts of other construction materials.

Finally, the operator packed down and smoothed the dirt that remained, leaving a clean and pristine patch of soil where the UCF Greenhouse had once stood. Soon, a new greenhouse will take its place. The developers of that greenhouse will start their build off on the right foot, thanks to the work of all the guys at AAA Service Company.

View our whole demolition gallery below, and don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you need a demolition contractor in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or anywhere in Florida.

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