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Oceanfront Mansion: Demolition Do-Over

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When I saw the street name “Edgewater”, I definitely didn’t think it would be so literal. Turning the last corner, I suddenly was confronted by an absolutely stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico over my left shoulder. To my right sat the house we were about to demolish. You couldn’t ask for a better view, either as a homeowner or a demolition crew.

The History of the House

The home in question was built in the mid-1980’s by a local family. How local, you ask? So local that the son lives next door to this day, and the mother only moved up the block. The house was sold about a decade ago to a new owner, who in turn sold it again this year. While the son initially contemplated re-buying the home, he ultimately passed on the offer and allowed a new development company to acquire and renovate the home.

That developer ultimately decided that the maintenance, updates, and renovations the home would need just outweighed the cost of demolition and construction. With such a marvelous view of the ocean in such a wonderful neighborhood, it only made sense to shoot for the moon and build the most desirable package possible. And so AAA Service Company entered the picture.

Residential Demolition Begins

I keep referring to it as a “house”, but that is too simple of a word for the work that would need to be done here. The house itself was two stories tall, with a wooden balcony that wrapped 360 degrees around the second floor. Behind that was a pool and an entire second structure. This second building was a garage, sure, but also a washroom, a pool house, and a guest suite – all in one. And, of course, what good is a pool house without a pool? This house demolition came with a side of pool demolition, too.

And so, bight and early Monday morning, demolition began on the Edgewater house. The excavator spared no time ripping into the house, chewing up the balcony and the roof in equal measure and taking bites out of the walls and floors that would shock and amaze you. Our operator was careful, with each bite, to throw all of the crushed and mangled materials into a pile in the center of the structure. This is a quick and dirty way to separate wood, plastic, and insulation from the concrete structures that are more easily recycled.

Demolition continued in this fashion from the front of the house to the back, and soon the mega-garage was consumed as well. Our truck drivers rotated in and out all day, taking loads of waste away from the site to either a landfill or to our recycling yard, where we crush and process concrete and wood into gravel and mulch, respectively.

Demolition Complete

When all was said and done, what remained was a clean dirt lot, free of impediments to construction. The foundation slab was removed, the building erased, and the pool demolished in its entirety. The developer now has complete freedom to build as they see fit. We can’t wait to see what that looks like.

If you or someone like you has a project that requires demolition, please go ahead and give us a call or an email! We would absolutely love to hear from you. If you ask for it, we will send an estimator out to you – they will make sure to give you a trustworthy, accurate quote the very first time. So what are you waiting for? Let’s smash something together!

Customer Review:

Walter Walker

I am a contractor that has recently relocated from Michigan to Florida. One of my first projects was the demolition of a home in Dunedin, Florida. During the Procurement phase of the project, looking for a demolition contractor, AAA Services was the first and most thorough contractor to bid the project. Not only was their price the lowest, but the owner’s (Marlon) attention to detail and completeness of bid was of a quality much higher than the other competitors. Even before we awarded the project to AAA, Marlon was most helpful in introducing me to the Florida Construction Market and helping me wade through the local and County Building Requirements. After we awarded Marlon the project, his service, help and advice did not stop. His attention to detail was exemplary. He performed all services as contracted and left the project site in a clean professional manner. After the contract was completed, he has still assisted me with any help he can provide. I would highly recommend AAA Services and Marlon to anyone looking for a competitive price, great workmanship, and a firm that offers to help at every opportunity
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