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Removing a Glass Railing: Simple and Clean Demolition

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Not every job is a large affair. Our bread and butter is large commercial demolition, but we never neglect our residential customers. One afternoon, we got a call to remove a simple glass railing from a back patio. We of course said yes, and the day after the permit cleared, we sent a crew out to remove the railing.

When they arrived, the crew leader took a minute to inspect the railing. It was anchored in place by metal posts every 18 inches or so, driven down into the tile and the concrete foundation underneath. At first, the crew used a compact jackhammer to pry up the tiles on either side of the railing. The hope was that doing so would reveal what was actually holding the rails in place and allow for a better game plan.

Unfortunately, the foundation this revealed was more difficult than we had anticipated. And so, it was decided: instead of removing the post entirely, we would simply saw it off and grind it down to be smooth and even with the surrounding tile.

All in all, it took less than a day to break down and remove the railing. As quickly as we had arrived, we left. The glass came with us, and the freshly-derailed patio remained.

If you are looking for a company that handles exterior demolition and partial demolition with a steady hand and an honest smile, look no further. AAA Service Company would love to help you with your next demolition project. Please reach out to us. We will send a professional estimator to give you a free quote.

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