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Demolishing JUST THE DECK of a Commercial Pool

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Nestled in the cozy downtown of Dunedin, there is a warm, modern apartment complex that goes by the name of Artisan Apartments. From its welcoming lobby to its luxurious community area and pristine pool deck, the Artisan Apartments has a way of making you feel right at home. But there was trouble in paradise.

Pool Problems

You see, the pool had been hiding a secret. It was installed a couple years back, and the process seemed unremarkable at the time. The deck, 17” thick, was laid first. The builders left a large basin, inside of which the pool itself was destined to sit. But when the pool was laid down into that basin, it sat a little higher than anyone had anticipated. Not a lot, maybe an inch or two. It seemed like a simple enough problem to solve.

You can really see the gap in the finished product

And so a solution was proposed: a simple and innovative mixed-material compound would slope up from the level of the deck to the level of the pool. The compound was primarily burlap and concrete, with a little bit of special sauce to water-seal the whole thing. It was guaranteed not to crack or leak. But…. It did. Water somehow found its way around or through the supposedly sealed system and filled the basin that cradles the pool. Water always finds a way, and once it has, it always needs to find a way out. So it seeped up beneath the transitional compound, causing bubbles, warping, and cracks. It was all over from there.

Precision Pool Demolition

And so AAA Service Company was hired to demolish this tapered deck, so that the Artisan Apartments could start anew. Our demolition crew showed up bright and early one Monday morning to start peeling off the material. And by peeling, I mean jackhammering. The sound of hammers rang out across the neighborhood, as they slowly but surely chipped away at the material. It doesn’t seem so bad in the timelapse, but standing there in person, every inch felt like a victory.

The demolition crew worked in teams: one man took a concrete saw or angle grinder to the concrete, scoring and segmenting it. He was quickly followed by another man with a jackhammer, using the raw hydraulic force of the machine to pry up the burlap and concrete mix. Then, his concrete cutting work completed, the first man circled back around with a broom and a trash can. He collected all of the waste concrete and returned it to our truck.

This type of pool demolition requires some skill, because it’s not a full pool removal. The pool itself – the basin, the beautiful tile, the handrails, the pumps and wires and hoses – needs to be preserved. It’s everything else that needs to disappear. The concrete saw operator has to be precise with his cuts, so he can be confident he hasn’t hit a water line or a wire resting just below the surface. Our crew also improvised plywood shields, erected on the fly to prevent jackhammer chips from flying into the pool.

In Conclusion

When our crew walked away from the Artisan Apartments pool, they walked away from a surface that had been stripped down and prepped for the next phase of its life. If you, like them, need a helping hand with a full or partial pool removal, make sure to call AAA Service Company. We will send one of our professional estimators out to your site, so that we can give you the most accurate quote the very first time.

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