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Precision Demolition: Cutting a Garage in Half

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We demolished half of a garage today. And it was glorious. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and the concrete saws were gassed up and ready to rip.

When to Choose Hand Demolition

No matter the scale, there is a simple joy in demolition. A trained demolition worker can look at a building, point out exactly how it was put together, and pull it apart, layer by layer and piece by piece. Sure, a big excavator could crush something like a garage in minutes. But we don’t always have the access we would need to be able to squeeze in a big excavator. But heavy machinery is also messier than hand-demolition. And if you’re only going for partial demolition anyways, then precision counts. When you need that precision, we’ve got just the guys for it.

How the Selective Demolition Works

The crew game in first thing in the morning, and started off right and properly by hanging plastic protection over all the openings in the house. Windows, doors, and even the back porch were carefully wrapped in heavy plastic sheeting to prevent any concrete dust from entering. Once the home was protected, they started cutting the roof down the middle. Seriously, just a couple of circular saws, a measuring tape, and a steady hand brought it down. The crew loaded the scrap wood from the frame into their dump truck, and prepped for phase two: concrete. The crew supervisor walked the building, marking off a place where we were going to cut a window, as well as sectioning out the best places to cut the building. Then the concrete saws came out.

One of our guys very precisely cut lines in the one wall, outlining where the fresh window would go. Then, with the window cleanly separated from the wall, a couple of the other guys took a joyful sledgehammer to it. They knocked away the cinderblocks, one by one, then cleaned and smoothed the rest of the window socket with a battery-powered handheld jackhammer.

Next up, it was time for them to deal with the concrete framework of the front half of the garage. With saws, they cut the support beam that crossed the driveway. Then they cleanly and carefully cut a line, top to bottom, separating the garage that was to stay from the cinderblocks that had to go. With hammers, they knocked down the unwanted cinderblock walls. One by one, block by block, they tore it down. They demolished the whole garage… right up to the line where the owner wanted them to stop.

Smash inside the lines

The Results of Selective Demolition

The result, as you can see, is a clean cut. You can barely tell there was once more garage than what is visible now. Interior or exterior, residential or commercial, our selective demolition crew is precise, respectful, and ready to help you with your next project. Give us a call if you need help with any demolition project. We’d be happy to send an estimator out to you, so that we can give you an honest and fair quote the first time.

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