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Upgrading the Safety Harbor Community Center

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Safety Harbor

excavator selective demolition safety harbor community center

In summer 2017, the City Commission officially signed the order order to renovate the Safety Harbor Community Center .

“The project is projected to include the construction of a 2,700-sq.-ft. fitness center, complete with $100,000 in new equipment, a full glass wall on the southeast corner of the Ninth Avenue North facility, as well as new classes, programs and other improvements. “

Safety Harbor Connect

Change can be exciting and energizing, and judging by the comments on the article linked above, the city of Safety Harbor was ready and willing to undertake the changes. Residents and neighbors speculated about the upcoming renovations, and even pitched their own ideas. A community swimming pool seemed to be high on the wish list, but others were excited for the new exercise equipment that would be available to them and the potential for classes offered in their own back yards.

Safety harbor community center draft of renovations
Digital rendering of the proposed renovations

Peek Inside the Process

But to build anew, we had to clear away some of the existing building. AAA Service Company was happy to help out with a partial demolition of the existing structure. In January, we got down to work. First, our team carefully prepared the exterior of the building by removing siding and paneling. Next, we removed an exterior wall to expose the sections of the building that the architecture team wanted to extend. Sometimes that meant we utilized the brute force of an excavator. But sometimes a more precise approach by hand was the best road forward.

excavator working on the roof of the safety harbor community center
worker removing siding from the safety harbor community center

For a brief moment, several hallways and rooms in the Safety Harbor Community Center were exposed to nature in ways that they definitely weren’t accustomed to. The building contractors will extend and expand the rooms. But the first step is to expose them so that they can graft the new building onto the old. Still, the view is quite unusual while that transformation is underway.

the rooms of the safety harbor community center, briefly exposed to the elements
safety harbor community center renovations in progress

In the end, we are happy for the city of Safety Harbor and their upcoming community center. We wish them well, and hope it is everything they want it to be. And if it isn’t, they know where to find us for their next commercial renovation project.

Check out all of our photos from the project in the gallery below, and make sure to give us a call if you have a community center (or any other building) that you need demolished!

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