Popped-Loose Pool Demolition

A word to the wise: never drain your own pool. It will float free of the earth that holds it, and then you’ll have to call a pool demolition contractor like us.

Pool Demolition (but NOT Removal!)

residential pool removal demolition

Bright and early on a crisp Monday morning, our demolition crew arrived at the house to demolish and fill in this poor pool. Let the destruction begin!

Oceanfront Mansion: Demolition Do-Over

excvavator demolishes balcony residential demolition

The view is awe-inspiring. The ocean breeze is refreshing. The lawn is perfect. The neighbors are lovely. But the house needs a bit more than a facelift

Pool Removal… And Then an Upgrade

Excavator pool demolition aerial view

Most of the time, people as for pool removal when they want their yard back. But this week, we demolished a pool… so that the owner could put in a pool.

The Cutest Pool Demolition

excavator breaks pool with demolition hammer

Any pool demolition can have a hiccup, but we’ve been around this block a few times and we come prepared for almost anything.

Largo Swamp Pool Removal

pool removal demolition swamp pool

When a pool becomes a swamp, it’s time to either pony up the big bucks to rehabilitate it or call a demolition contractor like AAA Service Company